Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haven't posted in forever...

I'm not sure if I'll use this blog anymore, because I'm not really that much into Hello!Project as I was before. I might use it for H!P and K-pop, which is what I'm more into now. But I'll do that in the next post which will come very soon!

Now let's get on with some recent H!P news!

1. MM's 42nd single, Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai.
It was really good! The song was good, but I still liked Kimagure Princess better. The video makes it look like H!P actually has a good budget! I really like the runway scenes. Overall, it was really cute~
I hope it sells really well!

2. Mano Erina's 6th single, Haru no Arashi
YAAAAY MANOPIANO! I like the beat on the song. Very fresh~ I'm kinda sad S/mileage aren't the backup dancers anymore, but they're their own group and will soon have their own PV's! But the good thing about not having S/mileage anymore is that Saho Akari and other eggs are now backup dancers! Yay! Maybe another egg group will come out of this? I hope so!

3. Berryz Koubou's 6th CD, 6th Osakebi
I'm so excited for this! It's been about a year since it's been about a year since FIVE came out~ They've had a lot of singles since then though...I hope it doesn't turn into a single collection...I need new songs!

And here's a taste of my K-pop fangirling since this will be old news by the time I update again...
Girls Generation's new video, Oh!
THIS VIDEO IS SO DAMN CUUUUUUUUUUTE! Jessica~<33333 I like the song, it's really catchy and stuff. I don't understand what the video has to with the song, or why they're cheerleaders, but it's cute!

That's all for today!
This came from my pure heart~<3

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quick News Updates

Ok it's almost been a month since I've updated, but it's too much to catch up I'll put short summaries~
1. Koharu Kusumi Graduating December 6th - Ok everyone knows about this by now, but I still feel as if I need to say this. I absolutely ADORE Koharu, and I was super pissed when I found out Tsunku was making her leave. But I'll support her as a model! That girl is just beautiful...

2. Berryz Koubou's new A-side previews. Ryuusei Boy and Watashi no Mirai no Dannasama - These songs are amazing! But unlike everyone else, I like Ryuusei Boy better...I even learned the part of the dance that's shown in the CM!

3. S/mileage's 2nd single PV - Yeah I don't remember the name of's Asu something DETTO something...something XD

4. MM's Kimagure Princess PV - I really love this video. A lot. I'm realy mad it's Koha's last single, but it's great. I can't help but laugh at the "SEXY PRINCESS" parts of the dance...:D

5. Guardians 4 Party Time PV preview - BEST PV FROM THEM. EVER. I love the green, I love the bubbles, I love the Aika/Nakki hug, I love the Christmas feel, I love everything!

6. Buono!'s Bravo Bravo PV preview - AIRI'S HAIR IS AMAZING! And I love it. I have nothing to say about it. But you know I love it!
Now time for a quick survey!

Name: Nanami
1)When did you become a H!P fan?
Summer of 2008~
2)How did you become a H!P fan?
When I first saw Massara Blue Jeans by C-ute, and then Renai Rider by Buono!
3)Why you love H!P?
Because here in America, all they really care about is getting money and being more famous than that other person. H!P girls take time to enjoy what they're doing. Also the inspire me~:)
4)In your opinion, what's the best way to show your love for H!P?
Supporting the girls in anyway you can. Buying CD's, DVD's, PB's, etc
5)Who's your fave H!P member?And why?
Erika Umeda! Ume-chan! What's not to love about her? She's beautiful, funny, a good singer and dancer, and she's just...AWESOME! <3333>6)What H!P unit is your favorite?And why?
Buono! I adore Buono! since they were one of the first groups I listened to. Airi, Momoko, and Miyabi are some of the best singers in H!P Kids. Putting them together is awesometastic! If I have to pick from the main 3, I'd say Berryz...before I could say C-ute, but times change...
7)Who is your fave solo H!P artist?And why?
Mano Erina or Kusumi Koharu~ I love them both dearly. Both are amazingly talented and have unique voices
8)Your Fave H!P song(or single or album)?And why?
Ugggggh! Too hard to choose!
9)Had you ever met H!P memeber(s) in person?(not including public performance such as concerts or musical)
Psh I wish...
10)If you could meet your fave H!P member(s), what would you do?
I'd cry from happiness. It'd be so unreal! Then I'd tell her that I love her so much...
11)Had you ever go to H!P concert(s)? If you had, what concert did you attend?
Sadly none...I wanted to go to Erika's graduation but that's just a dream...
12)What H!P products do you buy most often?
None...but if I had a credit card I'd get albums, singles, and PB's Oh! And photocards!
13)What's your most-valuable H!P treasure?
None...since I own none.
14)How did you get H!P vids and music?
I download them...I have no other way.
15)Had you ever dreamed about H!P member(s) in your dream?
Yeah Erika's in my dreams a lot and last week I had a dream about Morning Musume!
16)Leave your message for H!P:

Please don't change anymore! I love you just the way you are!

That's it for today!
This came from my prue heart~<3>

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Photobooks and MM 41st single preview!

Koharu's PB cover came out a while ago...but I was too lazy to update about it XD

So here's the cover:
...My thoughts are "I thought the title was Sugar Doll...not Ice Princess" I'm sorry. It's cute but I hoped to see her living up to the title of the her being all cute and happy and crazy. Like Chinami's. Her expression is so...cold and creepy. The complete opposite of a Sugar Doll...

Mai's PB:
One word: CUUUUUUUTE! Gah it's so simple but that's what makes it good!Much better than Koha's!(I love you Koha, but not your cover...) The cuteness is killing me!

And now...MM's 41st single Kimagure Princess! =D

OLD MM IS BACK FOR THIS SINGLE! YAAAAY! But the lrics are really weird...seriously? Talking about the princess's butt? O.o ...whatever floats the Wota's boats...
It serioulsy reminds me of something from the anime Rozen Maiden? Like something the group Ali Project would make?

...That's it for updates!
This came from my pure heart~<3

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Post!

Hello! I'm Nanami~
And this is "City Girls Pure Heart" The web address is Tokaiko Junjou because Tokaikko Junjou was taken...
I chose this name because I felt as if I should use an Hello! Project song with a nice translation~ This blog will be used for Hello! Project news, announcements, and opinions. I'm going to try to update as often as I can!

Ok time to get to business!

1. C-ute's Best Vol 1 back on??
This CD was supposed to come out in August,but it disappeared when Kanna's sudden departure was announced. Now it's listed on websites for November 18th.

2. C-ute's new B-side radio preview
It's pretty good! I like it a bit better than the A-side...

3. Airi on CNN???
That lady's a know. But Airi!

4. Chinami's PB!

I know this is a couple days old but it's still important to me! Her hair looks adorable like that! And I love that her bathing suit is green! It's so lovely! And her smile's as cute as ever~

5. S/mileage's 2nd single!
It's called "Asu wa DEETO na no ni Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai" which translates to "Even Though We Have a Date Tomorrow, I Want to Hear Your Voice Right Now" Pretty cute, huh? I love the lolita they're wearing for the cover shoot~ The dance and song are a little awkward, but I'm sure it'll grow on my soon enough!

That's all for today! Please look forward to more news soon!
This came from my pure heart~<3